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Inventors and Inventions: Find facts, information and the history of the inventions that changed the world and our lives, and the stories of the famous men and women who were credited as the inventors of new innovations. The history of Inventors and Inventions date back to the Stone Age (3000 - 1800 BC) as people began to use their intelligence, imagination and ingenuity to devise new innovations that created significant changes to the lives and the culture of their race.

Inventors and Inventions - Discovery vs Invention: An invention uses the creative process to produce a unique, device or procedure that results in a new solution to a problem in areas of technology, defence, culture or health. An invention is different from a discovery, which is something that already existed but had either not been found or, like fire, had not been controlled. So that's the difference between a discovery vs invention, but what about an Innovation? An Innovation relates to an improvement or a significant contribution to an existing device, process or service.

Inventors and Inventions - The Inventions: A great A-Z list of Inventions detailing the names and nationalities of the inventors and the date of their invention. The long list of inventions are diverse ranging from the Computer, the Incandescent Light bulb, catapult, pizza, telephone and Cell Phone to the Printing Press.

Inventors and Inventions - The Inventors: A comprehensive list of the names of 200 Inventors, entrepreneurs, humanitarians, innovators and visionaries whose famous inventions changed the world. You might not know the names of all of these inventors but you will certainly be aware of their famous innovations!

Inventors and Inventions - "Necessity is the Mother of Invention": Plato said that "Necessity is the mother of invention" and this proved to be the case as a result of devastating wars and terrible diseases. But examples that of this famous quote also include some simple inventions such as Braille that improved the lives of blind people. Other inventions such as the Car necessitated other innovations to improve safety and save lives such as the Traffic Light and the humble Windshield Wiper.

Inventors and Inventions - American Inventions: An interesting list and A-Z of over 250 American Inventions that cover a massive range of diverse subjects from food to medical inventions. Discover the American Inventions, such as the Air Conditioner that have changed the world.

Inventors and Inventions - Black Inventors: A comprehensive list of the names of famous and lesser known Black Inventors and entrepreneurs who changed the world.

Inventors and Inventions - Famous Inventions: The A-Z list of Inventions is extremely long so we have provided a shorter list of some of the worlds most Famous Inventions together with details of their great inventors.

Inventors and Inventions - African American Inventions: This section provides a list of African American Inventions that have found their place in history. The list of African American Inventions are provided with the names of inventors and the dates of their inventions for ease of reference. 

Inventors and Inventions - Awesome Inventions: This section describes the Awesome Inventions and inventors who inspired overwhelming feelings of awe and wonder.

Inventors and Inventions - Invention Ideas for Kids: This section provides guidelines and suggestions on Invention Ideas for Kids. Ideal education resource for students working on a school project, homework or a science fair. A useful guide to gathering interesting ideas to make life easier and more comfortable.

Inventors and Inventions - Famous Inventors: A list of some of the most Famous Inventors whose inventions changed the world. Our list of the most famous inventors include Scientists, Doctors, Entrepreneurs and Engineers, some who lived during the Renaissance others who lived during the Industrial Revolution and the more modern famous inventors. Our list of famous Inventors include Alexander ​Fleming, Cyrus McCormick, Dmitri Mendeleev, Eli Whitney, Galileo Galilei, George ​Stephenson, Guglielmo ​Marconi​, Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison.

Inventors and Inventions - Women Inventors: A list of some of the most famous Women Inventors and their imaginative ideas that have contributed and improved the lifestyles of both men and women. Our list of women inventors include Scientists, Entrepreneurs and Businesswomen such as Margaret E. ​Knight​ who invented the flat-bottomed paper bag and Stephanie ​Kwolek who invented Kevlar, that is used in the manufacture of bulletproof vests and body armor. Other famous women inventors include the English inventor and audio engineer Marie Killick who invented the Sapphire Stylus for playing records and Ann (Andini) Makosinski who invented the Hollow Flashlight. The List of Inventions by Women are fascinating.

Inventors and Inventions - 1920s inventions: The Inventions of the 1920's echoed the increased prosperity and leisure time that people were experiencing following WW1 (1914 - 1918). The rapid growth and availability of the automobile dramatically changed the lifestyles of many, especially those living in America. The emergence of the automobile industry led to a number of important spin-offs in the car industry and new 1920's ideas and inventors. The new, automobile related innovations of the 1920's included the Convertible car, the car radio, the Traffic light, the bulldozer, the garage door opener and the Drive-in restaurant.

Inventors and Inventions - Cool Inventions: Find facts and info about fun, interesting and Cool Inventions. Some of the coolest inventions in history including those made during the Industrial Revolution and the Renaissance Era. Learn about the cool innovations in food and drink, those that related to the automobile and even earlier forms of transportation such as the Hot air balloon.

Inventors and Inventions - Mesopotamian Inventions: The lands in the Middle East known as Mesopotamia was the home of multiple civilizations and empires including the Sumerians, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Persians and the Greeks. The Mesopotamians created some of the oldest innovations and was home to the greatest inventors of all time. Famous Mesopotamian Inventions included the Wheel, beer, the plow, writing, glass, irrigation, the chariot and the calendar.

Inventors and Inventions - Ancient Chinese Inventions: There were many awesome ideas that originated in China, notably the Four Great Chinese Inventions of Printing, Paper, Compass and Gunpowder. The Chinese are an ancient civilization and created some of the oldest innovations of all time. Other famous Ancient Chinese Inventions included silk, fireworks, the rocket, the kite and, of course, tea. The names of most of the Ancient Chinese inventors have been forgotten but we are still surrounded by many things that originated in Ancient China.

Inventors and Inventions - Ancient Roman Inventions: Discover over 20 Ancient Roman inventions, some of which are still used today. Our list of Ancient Roman Inventions include inventions relating to Gladiatorial Combat, Stage effects, Mechanical Elevators, Drinking Fountains, Baths, Crowd Control, Toga, Newspapers, Roads, Roman numerals, Julian Calendar, Lottery, Concrete, Aqueducts and Arches. The names of most the inventors have been in time but there are so many examples of the ingenuity of the Romans, especially the engineers and architects that their impact will always be remembered. 

Inventors and Inventions - Renaissance Inventions (1350 to 1650): The Renaissance was a period in the late Middle Ages which saw a rebirth of the culture, science, the arts and learning. The ideas of the Renaissance began in Florence in Italy and quickly spread to the rest of Europe. The great Renaissance Inventions included a variety of plans for Flying machines and War machines by Leonardo da Vinci. Another great Italian Renaissance inventor was Galileo Galilei  who invented the water thermometer and the pendulum. Other amazing Renaissance Inventions included the pocket watch, ether, the Telescope, the Microscope, the slide rule, the Barometer and a Flying Robot that was invented by John Dee.

The Renaissance (1350 to 1650): The Renaissance was a period in the late Middle Ages which saw a rebirth of the arts, culture, science and learning. One of the greatest inventions of this era was the Mariner's astrolabe. Other inventions included the pocket watch, ether, the pendulum, thermometer, the telescope, microscope, the adding machine and the Barometer. Famous Renaissance inventors included Galileo Galilei, Leonardo Da Vinci, Valerius Cordus and Copernicus.

Inventors and Inventions - First US Industrial Revolution (1700 - 1850): The ideas of the First US Industrial Revolution Inventions and Inventors centered around Iron, Agriculture, Textiles and Steam Engine technology. The inventions of the Industrial Revolution included the Horse Car, the railroads, the Telegraph and Morse Code, Steamboat, Piano, Bicycle, Vulcanized Rubber, the Revolver and the hand-powered wooden dishwasher. The names of the famous inventors of the first Industrial Revolution were John G. Stephenson, Peter Cooper, Samuel Morse, Charles Goodyear, Samuel Colt and Joel Houghton.

Inventors and Inventions - Second US Industrial Revolution (1850 - 1914): The Second US Industrial Revolution, also known as the Technological Revolution, focussed on new inventions related to Steel, Oil and Electricity. The great Inventions of the Second Industrial Revolution included  the Bessemer Process that produced steel, the Refrigerator, Electric Light, Electric Iron, the typewriter, the Washing Machine, Bicycles, the Camera, the vacuum cleaner, the first mechanical air conditioning unit, Skyscrapers, the Elevator, the Radio, the Telephone, the Phonograph, Motion Pictures, Stock ticker, the Car, the Diesel Engine, the Automobile, the assembly line for cars and the Airplane. The names of the famous inventors of the second Industrial Revolution were Elisha Otis, Henry Bessemer, Thomas Alva Edison, Christopher Scholes, Carl von Linde, James Ritty, Lee DeForest, John Dunlop, Ransom Olds, Henry Ford and the Wright Brothers.

Inventors and Inventions - The Agricultural Revolution (1700's - 1800's): The Agricultural Revolution Inventions paved the way from an Agrarian society to an Industrial society as important  advancements in farming and agriculture increased the supply of food. Inventors and Inventions of the Agricultural Revolution included the invention of the Cotton Gin by Eli Whitney, the inventor Samuel Slater followed with the invention of new cotton spinning machinery. Jethro Wood patented an iron-bladed plow and John Deere invented the Steel Bladed Plow. Joseph Dart and Robert Dunbar invented steam-powered Grain Elevators, Joseph Glidden invented barbed wire fencing and Hiram Moore invented the first combine harvester.

Inventors and Inventions - 100 Industrial Revolution Inventions from A to Z: There were so many new invention during the Industrial Revolution that we have compiled a list of 100 Industrial Revolution Inventions from A to Z detailing the name of the invention, the names of the inventors and their nationalities and the date that the item was invented. A great educational resource for teachers and their students who are studying the impact of the Industrial revolution. Great advances that changed the world during this time such as the Battery also included the invention of labor saving household items such as Dishwasher, the iron, the Refrigerator, the Vacuum Cleaner and the Washing Machine.

Inventors and Inventions - Industrial Revolution Timeline of Inventions: The Industrial Revolution Timeline of Inventions details the inventions and discoveries that were made in this important historical era, important dates  and the names of the inventors and their nationalities. The Industrial Revolution is frequently split into two time periods. The First Industrial Revolution inventions (1700 - 1850) were characterized by the use of Steam Power, Iron and advances in textiles and Agriculture. The Second Industrial Revolution inventions (1850 - 1914) were characterized by the inventor's use of Steel, Oil and Electricity.

Inventors and Inventions - Best Inventions: Find fun, interesting and unusual facts about famous inventors and the Best Inventions in history. These include the Television, the Airplane by  Wilbur & Orville Wright, Braille by the French inventor Louis Braille, the Mechanical Reaper by Cyrus Hall. and the invention of Fiber optics by the Indian inventor Narinder S. Kapany.

Inventors and Inventions - Inventions that Changed the World: There are many Inventions that Changed the World especially those made in the Ancient World and the great advances made in the fields of Technology, Transportation and Communication. Discover the awesome Inventions that Changed the World, the names of their inventors and the impact they had on society and our daily lives.

Inventors and Inventions - American Civil War Inventions: The American Civil War (1861 - 1865) placed a temporary halt during the Industrial Revolution when the invention of new, more powerful  weapons became the priority and inventors left home to fight in the war. The  American Civil War Inventions during the era the Ironclads, Submarines, Under-water Mines, Limelights, Rocket launchers, the Gatling Gun, Hand Grenades and the Minie Ball.

Inventors and Inventions - WW1 Weapons, Inventions and New Technology: Learn about the WW1 Weapons, Inventions and New Technology that was developed during the Great War.

Inventors and Inventions - WW2 Weapons, Inventions and New Technology: Discover facts and information with a list of about the WW2 Weapons and New Technology that was developed WW2 (1939 - 1945) including the Atomic Bomb.

Inventors and Inventions - Amazing Inventions: Find facts and info about some Amazing Inventions that have changed the world. Amazing inventions and inventors in history, especially in the field of medicine, such as the invention of Insulin, IVF, the Respirator, LASIK and MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) have enhanced the lives of millions of people.

Inventors and Inventions: Fire - The Greatest Invention of all time: The Greatest discovery of all time was fire. People of the Stone Age (3000 - 1800 BC) were aware of the power and properties of fire, which they had witnessed during natural occurrences such as lightning strikes and forest fires. Our Stone Age ancestors eventually discovered that when stones were struck against a hard rock, they gave off a spark that could also create fire. The ability to create and control fire was the greatest invention of all time providing a source for warmth, light, protection and cooking.

Amazing Discoveries: Find out facts and a list of Amazing Discoveries of things that already existed but had either not been found or controlled such as fire, the domestication of the horse, Tools, Bronze and Steel. Amazing discoveries were not made just during ancient times. Many modern, amazing discoveries were made especially in the field of medicine such as Anesthesia, Penicillin, Polio Vaccine, Vaccinations and DNA. Discover where these ideas originated and the impact these amazing discoveries had on the world.

Inventors and Inventions - Information Age Inventions of the 1990's: The 1990's began with the invention that would truly change the world when Tim Berners-Lee added the World Wide Web to the modern Internet. The first webcam was invented and the invention of the first Smartphone soon followed. The first wireless Internet network was introduced, as was Digital TV. The invention of laptops enabled computers to become portable, and PDAs (personal digital assistants) were introduced by Apple Inc. The invention of laptops enabled computers to become portable, and PDAs (personal digital assistants) were introduced by Apple Computer Inc. The iPod was invented by Apple and the fuel cell car and the Electric Car were also invented during this period. The Search Engines Yahoo and Google were launched and Amazon as an Online Bookstore.

Inventors and Inventions - Information Age Inventions of the 2000's: An apt development of the Information Age was when Wikipedia, the free content encyclopedia, went online. The Xbox was invented by Microsoft, Myspace was developed as a Social Networking Site and people began to publish Blogs. Mark Zuckerberg and Dustin Moskovitz developed the Facebook Social Networking Site. The online Video Sharing Site "Youtube" was created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim and Apple invented the iPhone. Science fiction came to life when the Hoverboard, like the one used by Marty McFly in Back to the Future II movie, became a reality in 2014.

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