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Best Inventions:  The best inventions are those of the highest degree, the most outstanding innovations and those that are the highest achievements in terms of ingenuity and imagination. Some of the very best inventions are relatively simple, many are the results of a "Eureka" moment whereas other excellent inventions take years to develop.

Best Inventions: The selection of the best inventions include the name of the inventors and the date of the invention. The list of Best Inventions of all time include the Airplane pioneered by  Wilbur & Orville Wright, the invention of the Braille by the French inventor Louis Braille, the invention of the Mechanical Reaper by the American inventor Cyrus Hall. and the invention of Fiber optics by the Indian inventor Narinder S. Kapany.

List of Best Inventions: Best Inventions List: Aerosol Can *** Air conditioning *** Airplane *** Aspirin *** Bakelite *** Bar code *** Barometer *** Braille *** Bread-slicing machine *** Calculator *** Camera *** Quartz Clock *** Contact lenses *** Cotton gin *** Defibrillator *** Disposable Diapers *** Dry cleaning *** Elastic *** Elevator *** Jet Engine *** Fiber optics *** Frozen Foods *** Safety Glass *** Google *** Incandescent Light bulb *** Locomotive *** Nuclear reactor *** Oil well *** Pasteurization *** Steel Plow *** Printing press *** Mechanical Reaper *** Respirator *** Satellite communications *** Seat belt *** Postage Stamps *** Steel *** Stainless Steel *** Supermarket *** Teflon *** Telephone *** Tractor *** Typewriter *** Vaccination *** World Wide Web *** List of Best Inventions ***

Best Inventions: This website also contains a comprehensive list of famous Inventors and the greatest Inventions detailing the names of hundreds of inventors together with their inventions, when they were invented and their purpose.

Best Inventions - Aerosol Can (1926): The invention of the Aerosol Can was made in 1926 by the Norwegian inventor Erik Rotheim.    

Best Inventions - Air conditioning (1902): The invention of the Air conditioning was made in 1902 by the American inventor zinventz.

Best Inventions - Airplane (1903): The invention of the Airplane was made in 1903 by the American inventors Wilbur & Orville Wright.

Best Inventions - Aspirin (1897): The invention of the Aspirin was made in 1897 by the German inventor Felix Hoffmann.

Best Inventions - Bakelite (1907): The invention of the Bakelite was made in 1907 by the American inventor Leo Hendrik Baekeland.

Best Inventions - Bar code (1952): The invention of the Bar code was made in 1952 by the American inventor Joseph Woodland.

Best Inventions - Barometer (1643): The invention of the Barometer was made during the Renaissance era in 1643 by the Italian inventor Evangelista Torricelli.

Best Inventions - Braille (1824): The invention of the Braille was made in 1824 by the French inventor Louis Braille.

Best Innovations - Bread-slicing machine (1928): The invention of the Bread-slicing machine was made in 1928 by the American inventor Otto Frederick Rohwedder.

Best Inventions - Calculator (electronic hand-held - 1967): The invention of the electronic hand-held Calculator was made in 1967 by the American inventor Jack S. Kilby.

Best Inventions - Camera (1888): The invention of the portable Camera was made in 1888 by the American inventor George Eastman.

Best Inventions - Car (1886): The first true gasoline Car was invented in 1886 by the German inventor Karl Benz during the Industrial Revolution.

Best Innovations - Quartz Clock (1927): The invention of the Quartz Clock was made in 1927 by the Canadian / American inventor Warren A. Marrison.

Best Inventions - Contact lenses (1887): The invention of the Contact lenses was made in 1887 by the German inventor Adolf Fick.

Best Inventions - Cotton gin (1793): The invention of the Cotton Gin was made in date by the American inventor Eli Whitney.

Best Inventions - Defibrillator (1952): The invention of the Defibrillator was made in 1952 by the American inventor Paul M. Zoll.

Best Inventions - Disposable Diapers (1950): The invention of the Disposable Diapers was made in 1950 by the American inventor Marion Donovan.

Best Inventions - Dry cleaning (1855): The invention of the Dry cleaning was made in 1855 by the French inventor Jean Baptiste Jolly.

Best Inventions - Elastic (1830): The invention of the Elastic was made in 1830 by the British inventor Thomas Hancock.

Best Inventions - Elevator (1852): The invention of the Elevator was made in 1852 by the American inventor Elisha Graves Otis.

Best Inventions - Jet Engine (1930): The invention of the Jet engine was made in 1930 by the British inventor Sir Frank Whittle.

Best Inventions - LASER: The American innovator, physicist and engineer Ted Maiman is credited with the invention of the Laser in 1960.

Best Inventions - LASIK: The Iranian-American Ophthalmologist and retina surgeon Dr. Gholam Peyman invented LASIK, laser eye surgery, in 1985.

Best Inventions - Fiber optics (1955): The invention of Fiber optics was made in 1955 by the Indian inventor Narinder S. Kapany.

Best Inventions - Frozen Foods (1922): The invention of Frozen Foods was made in 1922 by the American inventor Clarence Birdseye.

Best Innovations - Safety Glass (1909): The invention of Safety Glass was made in 1909 by the French inventor Edouard Benedictus.

Best Inventions - Google (1998): The innovation and invention of Google was made in 1998 by the American inventors Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Best Inventions - Incandescent Light bulb (1879): The cool invention of Incandescent Light bulb was made in 1879 by the American inventor Thomas Alva Edison.

Best Inventions - Locomotive (1829): The amazing invention of Locomotive was made in date by the British inventor George Stephenson.

Best Inventions - Nuclear reactor (1942): The awesome invention of Nuclear reactor was made in 1942 by the American inventor Enrico Fermi.

Best Inventions - Oil well (1859): The cool invention of Oil well was made in date by the American inventor Edwin Laurentine Drake.    

Best Innovations - Pasteurization (1864): The great invention of Pasteurization was made in 1864 by the French inventor Louis Pasteur.

Best Inventions - Steel Plow (1836): The innovation and invention of Steel Plow was made in 1836 by the American inventor John Deere.

Best Inventions - Printing press (1440): The awesome invention of Printing Press was made in 1440 by the German inventor Johannes Gutenberg.

Best Inventions - Mechanical Reaper (1831): The the literally ground breaking invention of Mechanical Reaper was made in 1831 by the American inventor Cyrus Hall.

Best Inventions - Respirator (1955): The amazing invention of Respirator was made in 1955 by the American inventor Forrest M. Bird.

Best Innovations - Satellite communications (1960): The awesome invention of Satellite communications was made in date by the American inventor John Robinson Pierce.

Best Inventions - Seat belt (1959): The safety enhancing invention of the automotive shoulder Seat belt was made in 1959 by the Swedish inventor Nils Bohlin for the Volvo car company.

Best Inventions - Postage Stamps (1840): The inevitable invention of Postage Stamps was made in 1840 by the British inventor Sir Rowland Hill.

Best Inventions - Steel (1856): The awesome invention of the mass-production of Steel (Bessemer Process) was made in 1856 by Henry Bessemer.

Best Innovations - Stainless Steel (1914): The cool invention of Stainless Steel was made in 1914 by the British inventor Harry Brearley.

Best Inventions - Supermarket (1930): The life changing invention of Supermarket was made in 1930 by the American inventor Michael Cullen.

Best Inventions - Teflon (1938): The useful  invention of Teflon was made in 1938 by the American inventor Roy Plunkett.

Best Inventions - Telephone (1876): The awesome invention of Telephone was made in 1876 by the British inventor Alexander Graham Bell.

Best Inventions - Tractor (1892): The invention of Tractor was made in date by the American inventor John Froehlich.

Best Inventions - Typewriter (1868): The invention of Typewriter was made in 1868 by the American inventor Christopher Latham Sholes.

Best Inventions - Vaccination (1796): The incredible invention of Vaccination was made in 1796 by the British inventor Edward Jenner.

Best Inventions - World Wide Web (1989): The invention of World Wide Web was made in 1989 by the British inventor Tim Berners-Lee.

Best Inventions: We hope that the facts in this article have provided the answers to all of your questions about Best Inventions and their famous inventors.

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