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Awesome Inventions: What are the most awesome inventions of all time? The word "awesome" is currently as a general exclamation of approval and admiration. However the original meaning, and use of the word  'awesome', described overwhelming feelings of awe, wonder and great respect or sometimes even feelings of fear. Truly awesome inventions date back as far as the Stone Age (3000 - 1800 BC) when people first used their intelligence, ingenuity and imagination to devise new, significant,  awesome inventions that changed the lives of people forever.

Awesome Inventions through the Ages: This article provides a list of important, awesome inventions through the ages up to the modern era. Discover the awesome inventions made during the Stone Age and the Bronze Age including the awesome inventions of the Ancient World by the Mesopotamians, the ancient Chinese, the Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Romans. We then move on to the awesome inventions of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance Era right up to modern times. The awesome inventions that struck terror and awe into people were invariably those that were made for the purpose of war. 

Awesome Inventions: This website also contains comprehensive lists of famous Inventors and the greatest Inventions detailing the names of hundreds of inventors together with their inventions, when they were invented and their purpose.

Awesome Inventions of the Stone Age (Tools, Weapons, Clothes and Fire): The first awesome inventions were produced by Stone Age (3000 - 1800 BC) inventors who fashioned sticks, stones and animal bones to make the first tools and weapons. Stone Age inventors developed clothing and carrying utensils out of animal skins and bark to carry belongings and collect nuts, fruits and roots to suit their 'hunter gatherer' lifestyle. Stone Age man also discovered how to harness the power of fire during this time providing a source of warmth, light and protection. The awesome inventions and discoveries of the Stone Ages!

Awesome Inventions - The Bronze Age (Metal Weapons and Agriculture): The major invention that characterized the Bronze Age (1800 - 600 BC) was the process of melting copper and tin into bronze. The bronze was used to make metal weapons and people began to travel more extensively for the purpose of trade. The hunter-gathers changed their lifestyle to to a sedentary farming lifestyle in permanent settlements with year-round agriculture due to these awesome inventions.

Awesome Inventions of the Ancient World (Writing, Wheel and the Chariot): Different forms of writing, awesome inventions, were invented during the period of Recorded History - 3500 BC - 600BC. The first form of writing was invented by ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Other people also invented writing systems and this was the first period when history was recorded in writing. Who invented the Wheel? The potter's wheel was invented by the Mesopotamians around 3500 B.C. in order to make plates, cups and storage containers. Three hundred years later the awesome invention of the wheel was adapted to create the chariot which was used for transportation purposes and warfare. The awesome inventions were writing, the wheel and the Chariot.

Awesome Inventions of the Ancient World (Abacus, Tea, School, Popcorn and Chocolate): In around 3000BC the Chinese invented the abacus and tea was invented in China by by Emperor Shen Nung in 2737BC. At the other side of the world the Aztecs invented the concept of education for everyone, not just the wealthy. It could therefore be said that the Aztecs invented school. The Aztecs also enjoyed popcorn and  chocolate at this time (they later introduced to the western explorers during the Age of Discovery). All awesome inventions of the Ancient World.

Awesome Inventions of the Ancient Egyptians (Papyrus, Medicine, Calendar, Sundial, Plow): The Ancient Egyptians invented paper using papyrus and made leaps in medicine and produced medical textbooks. Other awesome inventions of the Ancient Egyptians also invented the calendar, the sundial, the plow, the water clock and make-up.

Awesome Inventions of the Ancient Greeks (Watermill, Greek Fire, Wheelbarrow and Maps): The Greco-Roman world world of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome flourished (600 BC - 400AD). The Ancient Greeks invented the wheelbarrow, the water mill, the odometer, the alarm clock, Greek Fire and cartography (map making). The Greeks also built the Antikythera Mechanism to track movement of the stars. All awesome inventions of the Ancient Greeks

Awesome Inventions of the Ancient Romans - (Concrete, Sewers, Roads, Aqueducts): The Roman Inventors and Inventions created sewers and sanitation, concrete, grid based cities, roads, aqueducts and news sheets. All awesome inventions of the Ancient Romans

Awesome Inventions of the Dark Ages (Gunpowder, Hourglass, Horse collar): The Dark Ages (400 AD - 1066 AD) witnessed Chinese Inventors and Inventions inventing gunpowder and and Liang Ling-Can invented the first fully mechanical clock. The horse collar, the spinning wheel, the hourglass and the heavy plow were invented in Europe. All awesome inventions of the Dark Ages.

Awesome Inventions of the Renaissance (Astrolabe, Ether, Thermometer, Telescope, Microscope, Barometer): The Awesome Inventions of the Renaissance Era (1350 to 1650) included the Mariner's astrolabe. Other inventions included the the pocket watch, ether, eyeglasses, the pendulum, the Telescope, Microscope, mechanical clock, blast furnaces, the adding machine and the Barometer. One of the most awesome inventions during the Renaissance was the printing press that was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1439. All awesome inventions of the Renaissance era.

Awesome Inventions of the Industrial Revolution (Steam engine, Steam locomotive engine, Anaesthesia, Braille, Mechanical computer, Photography): The First Industrial Revolution (1700 - 1850) ushered in the new age of inventions centered on iron, and steam engine technology. The Industrial Revolution saw the great inventions such as the first modern Steam Engine by James Watt and the and the first steam locomotive engine for railways by the great inventor, George Stephenson. Other great inventions of the Industrial Revolution were the first mechanical computer, photography, the lawn mower, Braille, anaesthesia and the safety pin. All awesome inventions of the Industrial Revolution. The names of the great inventors of the era were Charles Babbage, Joseph Nicephore Niepce, Edwin Beard Budding, Louis Braille, Crawford Long and Walter Hunt.

Awesome Inventions - First US Industrial Revolution (Horse Car, Railroads, Telegraph, Morse Code, Vulcanized Rubber, Revolver): America was expanding fast and people flocked to the New World. The awesome Inventions who featured during the First US Industrial Revolution (1700 - 1850) included the Horse Car, the railroads, the Telegraph and Morse Code, Vulcanized Rubber, the Revolver and the hand-powered wooden dishwasher. All awesome inventions of the Industrial Revolution.

Awesome Inventions - First US Industrial Revolution Inventors: The names of the famous inventors were John G. Stephenson, Peter Cooper, Samuel Morse, Charles Goodyear, Samuel Colt and Joel Houghton.

Awesome Inventions of the American Civil War Inventions (Aerial reconnaissance, Ironclads, Submarines, Under-water Mines, Limelights, Rockets, Machine Guns, Hand Grenades): The attention of the American inventors was dominated by the American Civil War (1861 - 1865) and the invention of new weapons. Inventions during the era included aerial reconnaissance using the hot air balloon, Ironclads, Submarines, Under-water Mines, Limelights, Rockets and Rocket launchers, Machine Guns / Gatling Guns, Hand Grenades and the Minie Ball. All awesome inventions of the American Civil War.

Awesome Inventions - Civil War Inventors: The names of the major inventors during the American Civil War were Thaddeus Lowe, Horace Lawson Hunley, Matthew Fontaine Maury, Richard J. Gatling, William F. Ketchum and Claude Minie. At the end of the Civil War, Dynamite was invented by Alfred Nobel.

Awesome Inventions - Second US Industrial Revolution (Electric Light, Refrigerator, Skyscrapers, Elevator, Radio, Telephone, Automobile, Airplane): The Second US Industrial Revolution (1850 - 1914) centered on new awesome inventions related to Steel, Oil and Electricity. The awesome inventions of this period included  the Bessemer Process (Steel), the Carbon Arc Lamp, the Refrigerator, Electric Light, the first manned glider, Electric Iron, the Typewriter, the Washing Machine, Bicycle, the Camera, denim jeans, the vacuum cleaner, first electric washing machine, the mechanical cash register, the fire hydrant, the Ferris Wheel and Roller Coaster, the first "one-armed bandit", the first mechanical air conditioning unit, Skyscrapers, the Elevator, the Radio, the Radio amplifier, the Electric Toaster, the Electric Blanket, the Telephone, the Phonograph, Motion Pictures, Stock ticker, the Diesel Engine, the pneumatic tire, the Car, the  Model T Automobile, the Assembly Line for automobiles and the Airplane. All awesome inventions of the US Second Industrial Revolution.

Awesome Inventions  of the Agricultural Revolution (Cotton Gin, Iron-bladed and steel-bladed plow, Grain Elevators, Barbed wire, Combine harvester): The Agricultural Revolution (1700's - 1800's) witnessed awesome inventions and significant advancements in farming and agriculture and the Textile Industry. Inventors and Inventions of the Agricultural Revolution included the invention of the Cotton Gin by Eli Whitney, the inventor Samuel Slater followed with the invention of new cotton spinning machinery. In 1819 Jethro Wood patented an iron-bladed plow and in 1837, John Deere invented the Steel Bladed Plow. In 1842 Joseph Dart and Robert Dunbar invented steam-powered Grain Elevators aka the "Prairie Skyscrapers". Another famous invention during the Agricultural Revolution was in 1873 when Joseph Glidden invented barbed wire fencing. Hiram Moore invented the first combine harvester and Elias Howe invented the Sewing Machine. All awesome inventions of the Agricultural Revolution.

Awesome Inventions - Second Industrial Revolution and the Victorian Era (1850 - 1914): The In other parts of the world Inventors and Inventions continued the progress of Industrialization and the  Industrial Revolution. The great inventions included the first mechanical computer, Photography, the Lawn mower, Braille, Anaesthesia and the Safety pin and radio signaling system. The first rigid dirigible, the Zeppelin (1900) was invented and HMS Dreadnought (1906) revolutionized battleship construction. All awesome inventions of the Industrial Revolution.

Awesome Inventions - Industrial Revolution Inventors: The names of the famous inventors were Charles Babbage, Joseph Nicephore Niepce, Edwin Beard Budding, Louis Braille, Crawford Long, Walter Hunt, Guglielmo Marconi, Count Ferdinand Zeppelin.

Awesome Inventions of WW1 inventions (Stainless steel, Tanks, Anti-aircraft guns, Gas masks, U-Boats): The Great War (1914 - 1918) initiated various awesome inventions including stainless steel by Harry Brearley, Pilot communications by Keith Thrower, the first Guided Missile by American inventor Elmer Sperry, tactical air support by Vickers. New firepower was developed for the armies including  Infantry rifles, rifled artillery and hydraulic recoil mechanisms and new machine guns. The first anti-aircraft guns were invented. Trench warfare led to the awesome invention of zigzag trenches, the concrete pill box, flame throwers and the wire-cutting No. 106 fuze was developed. Poison gas including Chlorine gas, mustard gas and phosgene gas were developed and Gas Mask were invented. Tanks played a large role in WW1 and early WW1 tanks were fitted with guns, armor plating, and their caterpillar tracks were configured to allow tanks to cross an 8-foot-wide (2.4 m) trench. Submarines and the U-Boat were developed as weapons of war and led to the development of anti-submarine weapons. Awesome WW1 inventions and Technology.

Awesome Inventions - Interwar Period (Antibiotics, Jet engine, Ballpoint pen, Jukebox, Walkie-talkie): The period in history between the two World Wars is referred to as the Interwar or interbellum period (1918 - 1939). The awesome inventions during this period were Sound film, Electro Mechanical Television, Antibiotics, the Iconoscope, the Jet engine, theoretical computing machine and the Ballpoint pen. Other great inventions included Band-Aid, the Lie Detector, Audiometer, Stop Lights (Traffic Signal), Automatic Watch, the Moviola, Radio Altimeter, Bread Slicer, the Jukebox, electrical garbage disposal unit and Sunglasses. The Walkie-talkie and Low light photography, surveillance (Night vision) were also invented prior to WW2, all awesome inventions.

Awesome Inventions - WW2 inventions (Atomic Bomb, Computer (ENIAC), RADAR, Aircraft carrier, Duct tape, Buzz bombs): The Second World War (1939 - 1945) led to US development of the Atomic Bomb under the WW2 Manhattan Project headed by J. Robert Oppenheimer. John Presper Eckert and John W. Mauchly invented the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC) to make military calculations. Other inventions of WW2 included the pressurized cabin, Radio navigation, RADAR, the aircraft carrier, the Higgins boat (a primary troop landing craft), Jerrycans, duct tape, drop tank (auxiliary fuel tanks for aircraft), the Hedgehog an anti-submarine weapon, glide bombs, Rocketry such as the V-1 flying bomb (the buzz bomb), V-2 rocket, the Bouncing Bomb (the world's first cruise missile), Ballistic missiles, cluster bombs, drum bombs, blockbuster bombs and bunker busters, Self-guiding weapons, assault rifles, bolt-action rifles, nerve agents, Napalm and Plastic explosives. The Enigma code machine and the first electronic digital computers were developed to break secret codes. Awesome WW2 inventions and technology.

Awesome Inventions - Cold War Inventions (1945 - 1960): This was the age of discoveries, innovations and awesome inventions. The period in history known as the Cold War was the period in history when many scientific and technological advances were made in space exploration, electronics, computers, weaponry and medicine.

Awesome Inventions of the 1940's (Credit card, Supersonic flight, the Transistor, Cable television): In the 1940's the first vaccines were developed for influenza and polio, the credit card was invented, the defibrillator, supersonic flight, the transistor, Cable television, Radiocarbon dating and the atomic clock. The awesome inventions of the 1940's!

Awesome Inventions of the 1950's (Nuclear-powered submarines, Silicon chip, the "Pill", the Hydrogen bomb, Sputnik): In the 1950's the first electronic computer, cardiac pacemaker, the teleprompter, the wetsuit and the automatic sliding door. Other notable inventions of the 1950's included the first industrial robot,  the nuclear-powered submarine, the Silicon chip, the "Pill", the hydrogen bomb. The world's first artificial satellites (Sputnik I and Sputnik 2) were invented and so was the creation of nuclear fusion. The awesome inventions of the 1950's!

Awesome Inventions of the 1960's (Laser, Computer mouse, Word processor, Hypertext, Cordless telephone, Space Travel) : In the 1960's the Common Business-Oriented Language (COBOL) and BASIC programming languages were invented, the first laser, Global navigation satellite systems, first computer mouse, the first word processor, hypertext, the laser printer and the cordless telephone. This was also the decade of the first Manned Moon Orbit and when man walked on the moon. The advancements in computer technology paved the way for the Technology and Information Age (1970–present). The awesome inventions of the 1960's!

Awesome Inventions of the Technology and Information Age (1970–present): The 1970's heralded the start of the Technology and Information Age (1970 - present) when the Inventors and Inventions of the era changed the world and our lifestyles forever.

Awesome Inventions of the 1970's (Microprocessor, E-Mail, the Floppy Disk, Cell Phone, Personal computers, CAT-Scans): The awesome inventions of the 1970's the first vaccine is developed for rubella, the first microprocessor, E-Mail, the Floppy Disk, Ethernet, the Cell Phone, the minicomputer and Personal Computer, voicemail, the first digital camera, the first portable computer, CAT-Scans and the "MODEM". The awesome inventions of the 1970's!

Awesome Inventions of the 1980's (Microsoft Windows, DNS, Kidney dialysis machine, Online Gaming): The awesome inventions of the 1980's began with the awesome invention of the Space Shuttle, Compact Discs, Camcorder, Cell Phone, DNA Fingerprinting and the kidney dialysis machine is invented. The awesome inventions of the 1980's!

Awesome Inventions of the 1990's (Internet, WWW, Smartphone, Laptops, PDAs, iPod, Search Engines, Online Shopping): The awesome inventions of the 1990's began with the invention that would truly change the world when Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau started the modern Internet and the World Wide Web. The first webcam was invented and the first Smartphone soon followed. The first wireless Internet network was introduced, as was Digital TV. The invention of laptops enabled computers to become portable, and PDAs (personal digital assistants) were introduced by Apple Computer Inc. The invention of laptops enabled computers to become portable, and PDAs (personal digital assistants) were introduced by Apple Computer Inc. The iPod was invented by Apple and the fuel cell car and the Electric Car were also invented during this period. The Search Engines Yahoo and Google were launched and Amazon as an Online Bookstore and Online Gaming burst on to the scene. The awesome inventions of the 1990's!

Awesome Inventions of the 2000's (Xbox, Social Networking Sites, iPhone, Blogs): An apt development of the Information Age was when Wikipedia, the free content encyclopedia, went online. The awesome inventions of the 2000's included the Xbox was invented by Microsoft, Myspace was developed as a Social Networking Site and people began to publish Blogs. Mark Zuckerberg and Dustin Moskovitz developed the Facebook Social Networking Site. The online Video Sharing Site "YouTube" was created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim and Apple invented the iPhone. The awesome inventions of the 21st Century!

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