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Famous Inventions:  Facts and information about famous inventions and some of the world's greatest inventors. Discover the greatest inventions together with the name of their talented inventors and the date they made their inventions. Our selection of famous inventions covers the great innovations of the Ancient World, during the industrial revolution and the Renaissance Era together with recent inventions made during the Technology in the Information Age.

Famous Inventions: The list of famous inventions is a matter of personal choice we have included many of the most important inventions but for a comprehensive list of world famous invention refer to the A-Z of Inventions.  Our list contains famous inventions of the ancient World such as the Wheel, Gunpowder, Paper, Printing and the Compass and famous inventions from many other historical periods.

Famous Inventions List: Famous Inventions list: Wheel *** Gunpowder *** Paper *** Printing *** Compass *** Steel *** Battery *** Automobile *** Steam Engine *** World Wide Web *** Telephone *** Cell Phone *** Jet Engine *** Car *** Assembly Line *** Ford Model T *** Washing Machine *** Nuclear reactor *** Atomic Bomb *** Hydrogen Bomb *** Aspirin *** Penicillin *** Polio Vaccine *** List of Famous Innovations ***

Famous Inventions - The Wheel (c.3500 BC): The invention of the Wheel was made c.3500 BC by Mesopotamian inventors in the Ancient World. The invention of the wheel had a huge impact on transportation when the chariot was developed. However the wheel was first utilized with the invention of the mechanical device known as the potter's wheel.    

Famous Inventions - The Four Great Chinese Inventions: The 'Four Great Chinese Inventions' were gunpowder, paper, printing and the compass.

Famous Inventions - Gunpowder (1044 AD): The invention of Gunpowder was made 1044 by the Ancient Chinese inventors of the Song Dynasty (960–1279). The invention of Gunpowder became the basis for almost every weapon that was developed after this time.

Famous Inventions - Paper (c. 100 BC): The invention of the Paper was made c. 100 BC by the Ancient Chinese inventors of the the Zhou dynasty (c. 1046 BC–256 BC). The ancient Chinese used rags and plant fibers to produce paper.

Famous Inventions - Printing (Woodblock): The invention of the Printing was made by Ancient Chinese inventors at some time during the Han Dynasty (202 BC – AD 220). This form of ancient printing was produced by using engraved woodblocks to print letters, patterns and images. The surface of the wood block was then inked and covered with a sheet of paper for printing.

Famous Inventions - Compass (c.206 BC): The invention of the Compass as an instrument of navigation was made c. 206 BC during the Song Dynasty (960–1279). The compass allowed ships to stay on course instead of depending on the sun or the stars.

Famous Inventions - Steel (1855): The invention of the Bessemer process for the production of Steel was made in 1855 by the English inventor Henry Bessemer. The Bessemer process for producing steel reduced costs, time and fuel and led to the construction of the great skyscrapers

Famous Inventions - Battery (1800): The Italian chemist and physicist Alessandro Volta is credited with the invention of the Battery in 1800. The invention of the Battery enabled portable sources of electricity.

Famous Inventions - Computer (1837): The English inventor and mathematician Charles Babbage invented the first mechanical Computer in 1837.

Famous Inventions - Automobile (1889): The German inventor, designer and mechanical engineer Karl Benz is credited with the invention of the First Gasoline Car in 1889. However it took the imagination of Henry Ford to use the process of mass production on the Assembly Line to make cars accessible to ordinary people. The freedom to travel led to great social changes for all people.

Famous Inventions - Steam Engine (1769): The Scottish inventor, chemist, scientific instrument maker and mechanical engineer James Watt is credited with the invention of the Steam Engine in 1769. The Steam Engine led to great improvements in transportation, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Famous Inventions - World Wide Web (1991): The British inventor, computer scientist, engineer and entrepreneur Tim Berners-Lee is credited with the invention of the World Wide Web in 1991. Tim Berners-Lee  created the first server in late 1990 and, on 6 August 1991 launched the World Wide Web (WWW).

Famous Inventions - Telephone (1876): The Scottish inventor, scientist Alexander Graham Bell is credited with the invention of the Telephone in 1876, one of the greatest and indispensable inventions.

Famous Inventions - Cell Phone (1973): Nearly 100 years after the invention of the telephone American inventor and engineer Martin Cooper is credited with the invention of the Cell Phone in 1973.

Famous Inventions - Jet Engine (1930): The English inventor, Test Pilot, engineer and officer in the Royal Air Force (RAF) Frank Whittle invented the Jet engine in 1930. Due to its radical design he had to obtain private backing and in 1941 a 17-minute test flight took place at RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire, England.

Famous Inventions - Gas-powered Car (1889): The German inventor, designer and mechanical engineer Karl Benz is credited with the invention of the Gas-powered Car in 1889 and although other inventors were involved in the development of the car it was Karl Benz built the first production-ready automobile.

Famous Inventions - Assembly Line (1901): The American businessman and entrepreneur Ransom E. Olds is credited with the invention of the Assembly Line in 1901.

Famous Inventions - Ford Model T (1908): The American businessman and industrialist developed the idea of the Assembly Line and launched the Ford Model T car in 1908 making the car affordable and transportation easier.

Famous Inventions - Washing Machine: The American inventor Hamilton E. Smith is credited with the invention of the Rotary Washing Machine in 1858. The American inventor Alva J. Fisher is credited with the invention of the first Electric Washing Machine based on a motor in 1907.

Famous Inventions - Nuclear reactor (1942): The first nuclear reactor was manufactured in 1942 by Enrico Fermi and his team at the University of Chicago.

Famous Inventions - Atomic Bomb (1945): J. Robert Oppenheimer is credited with the invention of the Atomic Bomb in 1945.

Famous Inventions - Hydrogen Bomb (1952): The Hungarian Inventor Edward Teller developed the hydrogen bomb in 1952.

Famous Inventions - Aspirin (1897): The German inventor and chemist Felix Hoffmann is credited with the invention of Aspirin in 1897.

Famous Inventions - Penicillin (1928): The great British scientist Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin in 1928 and used the antibiotic drug used to treat infection.

Famous Inventions - Polio Vaccine (date): Jonas Salk is credited with the invention of the Polio Vaccine in 1955.

Famous Inventions: The list could go on and on but we hope that the facts regarding famous inventions have proved interesting. Refer to the A-Z of Inventions for a comprehensive list of famous innovations.

Famous Inventions List: Famous Innovations: Wheel *** Gunpowder *** Paper *** Compass *** Four Great Chinese Inventions *** Steel *** Automobile *** Steam Engine *** Hydrogen Bomb *** World Wide Web *** Cell Phone *** Jet Engine *** Car *** Nuclear reactor *** Assembly Line *** Ford Model T *** Washing Machine *** Printing *** Atomic Bomb *** Aspirin *** Telephone *** Penicillin *** Polio Vaccine *** Battery *** Famous Inventions List ***

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