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Amazing Discoveries:  The most amazing discoveries were made during the ancient or prehistoric era when people belonged to, or existed, in times before recorded history. It was the period when humans made amazing discoveries that overcame obstacles and helped improve their daily lives and their very existence during hard times. These early, amazing discoveries were met with astonishment, surprise, wonder, delight and even fear. People were often stunned by the greatness of such amazing discoveries and often overpowered by the enormity of the idea. We now take these old, amazing discoveries for granted. Check out our list of amazing discoveries and try to imagine how your life would be without them! 

Amazing Discoveries of the Modern Era:  As the prehistoric times ended people began to form civilizations, developed writing systems and began living in towns and cities. And amazing discoveries made during the more modern era continue to astound us to the present day. Many of these amazing discoveries were made in the field of medicine and science and have also been added to our list of Amazing Discoveries.

What's the difference between discoveries and inventions?  Discovery vs Invention: An invention uses the creative process to produce a unique, device or procedure that results in a new solution to a problem in areas of science, technology, weaponry, culture or health. An invention is different from a discovery. A discovery is something that already existed but had either not been found or, like fire, had not been controlled. So that's the difference between a discovery vs invention, but what about an Innovation? An Innovation relates to an improvement or a significant contribution to an existing device, process or service.

List of Amazing Discoveries: Amazing Discoveries List: Fire *** Clothes *** Alcohol *** Shoes *** Soap *** Tools *** Toothbrush *** Music *** Beer *** Bow and Arrow *** Wheel *** Domestication of the Horse *** Needle and thread *** Tea *** Coffee *** Bronze *** Concrete *** Papyrus *** Steel *** Anesthesia *** Penicillin *** Polio Vaccine *** Vaccinations *** Germs *** Aspirin *** DNA *** List of Amazing Discoveries ***

Fact 1 about Amazing Discoveries - Fire: The discovery of Fire was made c. 3000 BC during the Stone Age (3000 - 1800 BC) providing warmth, light, protection and the ability to cook meat.

Fact 2 about Amazing Discoveries - Clothes: The discovery of Clothes was made c.10,000 BC during the Neolithic Period (10,200 - 3000 BC). The first clothes were made of animal skins and the bark of trees.   

Fact 3 about Amazing Discoveries - Alcohol: The discovery of Alcohol was made by the Chinese c. 7000 BC during the Neolithic Period (10,200 - 3000 BC).   

Fact 4 about Amazing Discoveries - Shoes: The discovery of Shoes was made by the people of Mesopotamia c. 1600 BC during the period known as the Ancient World (4000 BC - 600BC).   

Fact 5 about Amazing Discoveries - Soap: The discovery of Soap was made  by the Mesopotamian people c. 2200 BC during the era known as the Ancient World (4000 BC - 600BC).   

Fact 6 about Amazing Discoveries - Tools: The discovery of the Tools was made using stone in Africa, by Ethiopians c. 1000 BC during the Neolithic (10,200 - 3000 BC).

Fact 7 about Amazing Discoveries - Toothbrush: The discovery of the Toothbrush was made in Mesopotamia c. 3500 BC during the period known as the Ancient World (4000 BC - 600BC).   

Fact 8 about Amazing Discoveries - Music: The discovery of Music was made c. 3000 and first used during the Stone Age (3000 - 1800 BC).

Fact 9 about Amazing Discoveries - Beer: The discovery of Beer was made in Mesopotamia c.3000 BC during the period known as the Stone Age (3000 - 1800 BC).   

Fact 10 about Amazing Discoveries - Bow and Arrow: The discovery of the Bow and Arrow was made during the Paleolithic , Late Stone Age (3000 - 1800 BC).

Fact 11 about Amazing Discoveries - Wheel: The discovery of Wheel was made in Mesopotamia c.3500 BC during the Ancient World (3500 BC - 600BC). The discovery of the wheel followed observations that wooden logs could be rolled and used to haul heavy loads.  

Fact 12 about Amazing Discoveries - Domestication of the Horse: The discovery that the Horse could be tamed (domesticated) was made during the Early Bronze Age(1800 - 600 BC) as the first important form of land transport in Eastern Europe and the Far East.   

Fact 13 about Amazing Discoveries - Needle and thread: The discovery of the bone Needle and thread was made c.10,000 BC during the Neolithic Period (10,200 - 3000 BC) using bone and the sinew of animals. This enabled people to make different designs of clothes.

Fact 14 about Amazing Discoveries - Tea: The discovery of Tea was made by Shen Nung in Ancient China c. 2737 BC during the Ancient World.   

Fact 15 about Amazing Discoveries - Coffee: The discovery of Coffee was made in Ethiopia, Africa in 750 AD.   

Fact 16 about Amazing Discoveries - Bronze: The discovery of Bronze by smelting copper and tin began the Bronze Age (1800 - 600 BC) and lead to the invention of metal weapons such as arrowheads, swords and daggers.   

Fact 17 about Amazing Discoveries - Concrete: The discovery of Concrete was made c700 BC during the Ancient Roman Empire (600 BC - 400AD) slaked lime a volcanic ash and led to the construction of roads and great buildings.   

Fact 18 about Amazing Discoveries - Papyrus: The discovery of Papyrus was made c. 3000 BC during the Early Dynastic period of the Ancient Egyptians (3100 - 2686BC) as an easily portable substance to write on.   

Fact 19 about Amazing Discoveries - Steel: The discovery of Steel was made 3rd century BC but Henry Bessemer created the Bessemer Process to standardize the process of producing steel from iron in 1856 during the Industrial Revolution which allowed for the construction of railroads and skyscrapers.

Fact 20 about Amazing Discoveries - Anesthesia: The discovery of Anesthesia was made by Thomas Green Morton in 1846 during the Industrial Revolution (1700 - 1860) as a surgical anesthetic.

Fact 21 about Amazing Discoveries - Penicillin: The discovery of Penicillin was made by Alexander Fleming in 1928 used as an amazing antibiotic drug used to treat infection .

Fact 22 about Amazing Discoveries - Polio Vaccine: The discovery of Polio Vaccine was made by Jonas Salk in 1955 that prevented the spread of this terrible disease.

Fact 23 about Amazing Discoveries - Vaccinations: The discovery of Vaccinations to prevent disease was made in 1798  by Edward Jenner to try to stop the spread of horrifying infectious disease such as smallpox.

Fact 24 about Amazing Discoveries - Germs: In 1857 Louis Pasteur identified germs as cause of disease and developed the process of Pasteurization and developed vaccines for anthrax and rabies.

Fact 25 about Amazing Discoveries - Aspirin: The discovery of Aspirin was made by Felix Hoffmann in 1897 during the Industrial Revolution / Victorian Era (1850 - 1914).

Fact 26 about Amazing Discoveries - DNA: The discovery that our genes made up of two strands of DNA that create instructions for the human body to follow. The discovery was made on February 28, 1953 by James Watson and Francis Crick and has helped doctors to understand diseases and work towards the prevention of illnesses such as heart disease and cancer.

List of Amazing Discoveries: Discoveries List: Fire *** Clothes *** Shoes *** Soap *** Tools *** Music ***  Wheel *** Domestication of the Horse *** Toothbrush *** Needle and thread *** Tea *** Coffee *** Bronze *** Concrete *** Papyrus *** Bow and Arrow *** Steel *** Anesthesia *** Penicillin *** Polio Vaccine *** Beer ***Vaccinations *** Germs *** Alcohol *** Aspirin *** DNA *** List of Amazing Discoveries ***

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