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Women Inventors:  Discover facts and information about the contributions made by women inventors throughout history and the modern female innovators of the 21st century. Find the names of great female inventors and the different types of inventions made by women. A great educational resource for kids who are studying inventors and inventions for homework, a school project or a science fair.

Women Inventors: The innovative inventions of women inventors include those made during the industrial revolution as well as the modern era. The black African American female inventors deserve admiration as many gained fame despite starting their lives as slaves. Other women inventors have fought against gender discrimination displaying perseverance and ingenuity in order to get their inventions recognised.

Women Inventors Fact File: Inventions: Stephanie ​Kwolek *** Mary ​Anderson​ *** Hedy Lamarr *** Margaret E. ​Knight​ *** Marion ​Donovan​ *** Bette Nesmith ​Graham​ *** Ruth Graves ​Wakefield *** Josephine ​Cochran *** Caresse Crosby *** Ruth Handler *** Sarah E. Goode *** Katharine Burr Blodgett *** Madam C. J. Walker *** Gertrude B. Elion *** Barbara Askins *** Temple Grandin *** Lyda D. Newman *** Patsy O'Connell Sherman *** Sarah Boone *** Beulah Louise Henry *** Mary Dixon Kies *** Martha Coston *** Rachel Zimmerman *** Marie Van Brittan Brown *** Tabitha Babbitt *** Marjorie Joyner *** Rachel Fuller Brown *** Mary Walton *** Erna Schneider Hoover *** Lillian Moller Gilbreth *** Joy Mangano *** Lori Greiner *** Maria Christina Bruhn *** Anna Keichline *** Ann (Andini) Makosinski *** Valerie Hunter Gordon *** Bessie Blount Griffin *** Helen Blanchard *** Roxey Ann Caplin *** Marie Killick ***  Women Inventors ***

Women Inventors - Stephanie ​Kwolek (1923 - 2014): The American inventor and chemist Stephanie ​Kwolek invented the Kevlar (a group of of synthetic fibers of exceptional lightness, stiffness and strength). Kevlar is used in the manufacture of bulletproof vests and body armor.

Women Inventors - Mary ​Anderson​ (1866 - 1953): The American real inventor and viticulturist Mary ​Anderson was one of the great women inventors who​ invented the Windshield Wiper blade.

Women Inventors - Hedy Lamarr (1914 - 2000): The Austrian inventor and famous movie star Hedy Lamarr a pioneer in the field of wireless communications.

Women Inventors - Margaret E. ​Knight​ (1838 - 1914): The American inventor Margaret E. ​Knight​ invented the the flat-bottomed paper bag.

Women Inventors - Marion ​Donovan​ (1917 - 1998): The American inventor and entrepreneur Marion ​Donovan​ invented the first waterproof disposable diaper.

Women Inventors - Bette Nesmith ​Graham​ (1924 - 1980): The American inventor and commercial artist Bette Nesmith ​Graham​ invented Liquid Paper.

Women Inventors - Ruth Graves ​Wakefield (1903 - 1977): The American inventor and chef Ruth Graves ​Wakefield​ invented the the Toll House Cookie, the first Chocolate Chip Cookie in 1938.

Women Inventors - Josephine ​Cochran (1839 - 1913): The American inventor Josephine Cochran invented the Dishwasher in 1887.

Women Inventors - Caresse Crosby (1891 - 1970): The American inventor and patron of the literary arts Caresse Crosby invented the Bra in 1913.

Women Inventors - Ruth Handler (1916 - 2002): The American inventor and toy manufacturer Ruth Handler invented the Barbie Doll.

Women Inventors - Sarah E. Goode (1855 - 1905): The African American inventor and businesswoman Sarah E. ​Goode​ invented the Folding Cabinet Bed in 1885. Sarah Goode started life as a slave and became the first African-American woman to be granted a patent. ​

Women Inventors - Katharine Burr Blodgett (1898 - 1979): The American inventor and physicist Katharine Burr Blodgett was one of the great women inventors who invented non-reflective glass.

Women Inventors - Madam C. J. Walker (1867 - 1919): The African American inventor and entrepreneur Madam C. J. ​Walker​ (born Sarah Breedlove) invented a hair-straightening formula in 1905.

Women Inventors - Gertrude B. Elion (1918 - 1999): The  inventor and biochemist Gertrude B. Elion discovered drugs to treat leukemia and herpes and to prevent the rejection of kidney transplants

Women Inventors - Barbara Askins (1939 - Present): The American inventor and chemist Barbara Askins invented the process to to enhance underexposed photographic negatives.

Women Inventors - Ann (Andini) Makosinski (1997 - Present): The Canadian inventor  Ann (Andini) Makosinski who invented the the "Hollow Flashlight" while she was still at High School.

Women Inventors - Temple Grandin (1947 - Present): The American inventor and autism spokeswoman Temple Grandin invented the Hug machine.

Women Inventors - Lyda D. Newman (1885 - 1920): African American inventor and hairdresser Lyda D. ​Newman​ invented an improved model of hairbrush in 1898.

Women Inventors - Patsy O'Connell Sherman (1930 - 2008): The American inventor and chemist Patsy O'Connell Sherman was one of the great women inventors who invented Scotchgard, a stain repellent and durable water repellent.

Women Inventors - Sarah Boone (1832 - 1904): The African American inventor Sarah Boone invented the Ironing Board in 1892.

Women Inventors - Beulah Louise Henry (1887 - 1973): The prolific American inventor Beulah Louise Henry invented the bobbin-free sewing machine and a vacuum ice cream freezer.

Women Inventors - Mary Dixon Kies (1752 - 1837): The American inventor and hat maker Mary Dixon Kies invented a process for weaving straw with silk and thread.

Women Inventors - Martha Coston (1826 - 1904): The American inventor Martha Coston invented military naval signal flares.

Women Inventors - Rachel Zimmerman (1972 - Present): The Canadian-born inventor and space scientist Rachel Zimmerman was one of the great women inventors who invented the "Blissymbol Printer" in 1984.

Women Inventors - Marie Van Brittan Brown (1922 - 1999): The African American inventor Marie Van Brittan Brown, together with her husband Albert Brown,​ invented a closed-circuit television security system in 1966.

Women Inventors - Tabitha Babbitt (1779 - 1853): The   inventor and Shaker tool maker Tabitha Babbitt invented the circular saw.

Women Inventors - Marjorie Joyner (1896 - 1994): The African American inventor Marjorie Joyner invented the Permanent Hair-Wave Machine.

Women Inventors - Rachel Fuller Brown (1898 - 1980): The American inventor and chemist Rachel Fuller Brown co-invented Nystatin, antifungal antibiotic with microbiologist Elizabeth Lee Hazen.

Women Inventors - Mary Walton (1941 - Present): The American inventor Mary Walton invented methods for minimising the effects of pollution.

Women Inventors - Erna Schneider Hoover (1926 - Present): The American inventor Dr. Erna Schneider Hoover invented a computerized telephone switching method.

Women Inventors - Lillian Moller Gilbreth (1878 - 1972): The American inventor Lillian Moller Gilbreth invented the the foot pedal trash can and the shelves on the inside of refrigerator doors.

Women Inventors - Joy Mangano (1956 - Present): The American inventor and entrepreneur Joy Mangano invented the the self-wringing Miracle Mop.

Women Inventors - Lori Greiner (1969 - Present): The American inventor and "The Queen of QVC" Lori Greiner invented Improved Cooking Tools and fully redesigned jewelry cabinet.

Women Inventors - Maria Christina Bruhn (1732 - 1802): The Swedish inventor and chemist Maria Christina Bruhn invented the packaging for gunpowder for military purposes.

Women Inventors - Anna Keichline (1889 - 1943): The American inventor and architect Anna Keichline was one of the great women inventors who invented the "K Brick" in 1927, which lead to the development of the concrete block.

Women Inventors - Valerie Hunter Gordon (1921 - 2016): The American inventor Valerie Hunter Gordon invented the disposable nappy.

Women Inventors - Bessie Blount Griffin (1914 - 2009): The African American inventor and nurse Bessie Blount ​Griffin​ invented an electronic feeding device to help amputees feed themselves.

Women Inventors - Helen Blanchard (1840 - 1922): The American inventor Helen Blanchard invented the Zigzag sewing machine.

Women Inventors - Roxey Ann Caplin (1793 - 1888): The British inventor and designer Roxey Ann Caplin invented the Corset.

Women Inventors - Marie Killick (1914 - 1964): The English inventor and audio engineer Marie Killick invented the Sapphire Stylus for playing gramophone records in 1945.

Inventions by Women: We hope that the facts in this article about Inventions by Women have proved useful and interesting.

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