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Amazing Inventions:  The list of amazing inventions astonished the world. Their inventors used their imagination and came up with ideas by thinking "out the box". Many of the amazing inventions relate to advances in medicine, other inventions are extremely simple, like the humble paperclip. The most amazing innovations that have changed the world include skyscrapers and the credit card.

Amazing Inventions: Other amazing innovations included in our list are the Remote control for the television which are used every single day by millions of people. The invention of the Lie Detector (Polygraph) amazed many people and law enforcement has been enhanced by the invention of DNA fingerprinting. The extraction and preparation of Insulin was invented in 1921 and has improved the life of many people.

Amazing Inventions List: List of Amazing Inventions: Airbag *** Answering machine *** Blood bank *** Cellophane *** Cement *** Concrete *** Credit card *** Metal Detector *** DNA fingerprinting *** Electrocardiogram (ECG) *** Escalator *** Food processor *** Geiger counter *** Hypodermic syringe *** IVF (In vitro fertilization) *** Insulin *** Integrated circuit *** Jukebox *** Kevlar *** Light bulb (fluorescent) *** LED (Light-emitting diode) *** LCD (Liquid crystal display) *** MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) *** Neon lighting *** Paper clip *** Photocopying *** Lie Detector (Polygraph) *** PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) *** Rayon *** Remote control (television) *** Respirator *** Scuba Diving gear *** Silicone *** Skyscrapers *** Steel *** Transistor *** Amazing Inventions List ***

Amazing Inventions - Airbag: The Airbag (automotive) was invented in 1952 by the American inventor John Hetrick.

Amazing Inventions - Answering machine: The Answering machine (telephone) was invented in 1898 by the Dannish inventor Valdemar Poulsen.

Amazing Inventions - Blood bank: The Blood bank was invented in 1938 by the American inventor Charles Richard Drew.

Amazing Inventions - Car: The invention of the Car is credited to Karl Benz is in 1889

Amazing Inventions - Cellophane: Cellophane was invented in 1911 by the Swiss inventor Jacques E. Brandenberger.

Amazing Inventions - Cement (portland): Portland Cement was invented in 1824 by the British inventor Joseph Aspdin.

Amazing Inventions - Concrete (reinforced): Reinforced Concrete was invented in 1867 by the French inventor Joseph Monier.

Amazing Inventions - Credit card: The Credit card was invented in 1950 by the American inventors Frank mcnamara, Ralph Schneider (Diners' Club).

Amazing Inventions - Metal Detector: The Metal Detector was invented in 1928 by the German-American inventor Gerhard Fisher.

Amazing Inventions - DNA fingerprinting: DNA fingerprinting was invented in 1984 by the British inventor Alec Jeffreys.

Amazing Inventions - Electrocardiogram (ECG): The Electrocardiogram (ECG) was invented in 1903 by the Dutch inventor Willem Einthoven.

Amazing Inventions - Escalator: The Escalator was invented in 1891 by the American inventor Jesse W. Reno.

Amazing Inventions - Food processor: The invention of the Food processor was made in dateinventz by the znatlz inventor zinventz.

Amazing Inventions - Geiger counter: The Geiger counter was invented in 1908 by the German inventor Hans Geiger.

Amazing Inventions - Hypodermic syringe: The Hypodermic syringe was invented in 1853 by the French inventor Charles Gabriel Pravaz.

Amazing Inventions - IVF (In vitro fertilization): IVF in humans was invented in 1978 by the British inventors Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards.

Amazing Inventions - Insulin: The extraction and preparation of Insulin was invented in 1921 by the inventors Sir Frederick Grant Banting and Charles H. Best.

Amazing Inventions - Integrated circuit: The Integrated circuit was invented in 1958 by the American inventor Jack S. Kilby.

Amazing Inventions - Jukebox: The Jukebox was invented in 1889 by the American inventor Louis Glass.

Amazing Inventions - Kevlar: Kevlar was invented in 1965 by the American inventor Stephanie Kwolek.

Amazing Inventions - LASER: The American innovator, physicist and engineer Ted Maiman is credited with the invention of the Laser in 1960.

Amazing Inventions - LASIK: The Iranian-American Ophthalmologist and retina surgeon Dr. Gholam Peyman invented LASIK, laser eye surgery, in 1985.

Amazing Inventions - Light bulb (incandescent): The Incandescent Light bulb was invented in 1879 by the American inventor Thomas Edison.

Amazing Inventions - Light bulb (fluorescent): The fluorescent Light bulb was invented in 1934 by the American inventor Arthur Compton.

Amazing Inventions - LED (Light-emitting diode): The LED was invented in 1962 by the American inventor Nick Holonyak, Jr.

Amazing Inventions - LCD (Liquid crystal display): LCD was invented in 1963 by the American inventor George Heilmeier.

Amazing Inventions - MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging): MRI was invented in 1973 by the American inventors Raymond Damadian and Paul Lauterbur.

Amazing Inventions - Neon lighting: Neon lighting was invented in 1910 by the French inventor Georges Claude.

Amazing Inventions - Paper clip: The Paper clip was invented in 1899 by the Norwegian inventor Johan Vaaler.

Amazing Inventions - Photocopying: Photocopying (xerography) was invented in 1937 by the American inventor Chester F. Carlson.

Amazing Inventions - Lie Detector (Polygraph): The Lie Detector (Polygraph) was invented in 1921 by the American inventor John A. Larson.

Amazing Inventions - PVC (Polyvinyl chloride): PVC was invented in 1872 by the German inventor Eugen Baumann.

Amazing Innovations - Rayon: Rayon was invented in 1884 by the French inventor Louis-Marie-Hilaire Bernigaud, count of Chardonnet.

Amazing Inventions - Remote control (television): The television Remote control was invented in 1950 by the American inventor Robert Adler.

Amazing Innovations - Respirator: The Respirator was invented in 1955 by the American inventor Forrest M. Bird.

Amazing Inventions - Scuba Diving gear: Scuba diving gear was invented in 1943 by the French inventors Jacques Cousteau and Emile Gagnan.

Amazing Innovations - Silicone: Silicone was invented in 1904 by the British inventor Frederic Stanley Kipping.

Amazing Inventions - Skyscrapers: Steel-frame Skyscrapers were invented in 1884 by the American inventor William Le Baron Jenney.

Amazing Inventions - Steel: The mass-production of Steel was invented in 1856 by the British inventor Henry Bessemer.

Amazing Inventions - Transistor: The Transistor was invented in 1947 by the American inventors John Bardeen, Walter H. Brattain and William B. Shockley.

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