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What was the Agricultural Revolution? The Agricultural Revolution was an important period in the history of farming when new inventions and advancements in agricultural productivity, farming technology and equipment to cultivate land brought massive improvements to civilization. The innovations of the Agricultural Revolution supported large-scale farming practices producing large quantities of food and advancements to the textile industry. The Agricultural Revolution changed the lives of people and eased the transition from an Agrarian society to an Industrial society during the Industrial Revolution.

When was the Agricultural Revolution? The Agricultural Revolution swept across Europe and then United States of America during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Agricultural Revolution Inventions: The Inventors and Inventions of the Agricultural Revolution included the invention of the Cotton Gin by Eli Whitney, new cotton spinning machinery by Samuel Slater, iron-bladed plow by Jethro Wood  the Steel Bladed Plow invented by John Deere. Joseph Dart and Robert Dunbar invented steam-powered Grain Elevators aka the "Prairie Skyscrapers", Joseph Glidden invented barbed wire fencing and Hiram Moore invented the first combine harvester. For additional information refer to Inventions of the Second Industrial Revolution

Agricultural Revolution Inventions: To put the impact of the Agricultural Revolution Inventions into perspective it should be remembered that farmers only had horses or oxen for power. Their simple tools and equipment consisted of rudimentary wooden plows, hoes, sickles and flails. All sowing, cultivating, hay and grain cutting and threshing were done by hand.

Agricultural Revolution Inventions List: Inventions: Seed Drill *** Spinning Jenny *** Cotton Gin *** Mechanical Reaper *** Steel Plow *** Barbed Wire *** Haying Machines *** Spinning Machine *** Wire Binder *** Twine Knotter *** Gasoline Tractor *** Combine Harvester *** Steam-powered Grain Elevators *** Agricultural Revolution Inventions List ***

Agricultural Revolution Inventions - Seed Drill (1701): The invention of the Seed Drill was made in 1701 by the British inventor Jethro Tull.    

Agricultural Revolution Inventions - Spinning Jenny (1764): The invention of the Spinning Jenny was made in 1764 by the English inventor James Hargreaves.

Agricultural Revolution Inventions - Spinning Machine (1769): The invention of the Spinning Machine was made in 1769 by the English inventor Richard Arkwright.

Agricultural Revolution Inventions - Threshing machine (1778): The Threshing machine was invented by the British inventor Andrew Meikle.

Agricultural Revolution Inventions - Cotton Gin (1793): The invention of the Cotton Gin was made in 1793 by the American inventor Eli Whitney.

Agricultural Revolution Inventions - Haying Machines (1822): The invention of the Haying Machines was made in 1822 by the American inventor Jeremiah Bailey.

Agricultural Revolution Inventions - Mechanical Reaper (1831): The invention of the Mechanical Reaper was made in 1831 by the American inventor Cyrus McCormick .

Agricultural Revolution Inventions - Combine Harvester (1834): The invention of the Combine Harvester was made in 1834 by the American inventor Hiram Moore.

Agricultural Revolution Inventions - Steel Plow (1837): The invention of the Steel Plow was made in 1837 by the American inventor John Deere.

Agricultural Revolution Inventions - Steam-powered Grain Elevators (1842): The invention of the Steam-powered Grain Elevators was made in 1842 by the American inventors Joseph Dart and Robert Dunbar.

Agricultural Revolution Inventions - Twine Knotter (1867): The invention of the Twine Knotter was made in 1867 by the American inventor John Appleby.

Agricultural Revolution Inventions - Barbed Wire (1873): The invention of the Barbed Wire was made in 1873 by the American inventor Joseph Glidden.

Agricultural Revolution Inventions - Wire Binder (1874): The invention of the Wire Binder was made in 1874 by the American inventor Sylvanus Locke.

Agricultural Revolution Inventions - Gasoline Tractor (1892): The invention of the Gasoline Tractor was made in 1892 by the American inventor John Froelich.

Agricultural Revolution Inventions - George Washington Carver (1900-1910): Although he was not credited with specific inventions  George Washington Carver of the Tuskegee Institute discovered new uses for peanuts, soya beans and sweet potatoes helping to diversify agriculture in the United States.

Agricultural Revolution Inventions: We hope that the facts in this article have provided the answers to all of your questions about Agricultural Revolution Inventions and their famous inventors.

Agricultural Revolution Inventions List: Inventions: Seed Drill *** Cotton Gin *** Mechanical Reaper *** Barbed Wire *** Spinning Jenny *** Haying Machines *** Wire Binder *** Twine Knotter *** Gasoline Tractor *** Steam-powered Grain Elevators *** Steel Plow *** Spinning Machine *** Combine Harvester *** List ***

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